Introduction: How to Make Moon Crescent

hey guys, I will be doing a quick 8 step tutorial on how to make an origami moon crescent.!


one square paper

your hands!

and you instructional device you are using to see this

Step 1: Folding the Base of the Moon

take your square paper and fold it in half diagonally . Then unfold the folds you just made.

Step 2: Adding the Second Layer of Base

take the side of the model and fold it to the middle.repeat on the other side

Step 3:

fold the bottom layers in the middle related to the way you folded the last step

Step 4:

make zig-zag folds as shown

Step 5:

fold the model in half

Step 6: Form Your Moon

start to pull parts of your moon out of itself and fold down on the parts you like.experiment a little!

Step 7:

fold the back sides of the moon into itself a little.

Step 8: