Introduction: How to Make Multi Colors Pine Cone Terrarium| Pine Cone Diorama|5 Minutes Craft

Welcome to my new tutorial. In this tutorial i made terrarium/diorama from Pine Cones within 5 minutes. It is very easy and beautiful home / office decoration piece. Don't forget to Like, Subscribe & Comment.


Crystal Jar

Shortleaf Pine Cone

Conifer Pine Cone

Acrylic color (Titanium White, Emerald Green, Vermilion, Royal Gold, Light Blue, Pink)

Multi Color Balls


Step 1: Use of Pine Cone

  • I used crystal Jar for making it.
  • I used Shortleaf Pine Cone as per requirements.
  • I used Conifer Pine Cone as per requirements.
  • I used Loblally Pine Cone as per requirements.

Step 2: Coloring

  • I used following acrylic colors:-
  • Titanium White
  • Emerald Green
  • Vermilion
  • Royal Gold
  • Light Blue
  • Pink

Step 3: Use of Multi Color Balls

I used multi color balls for giving more beautiful look.

Step 4: Final Pictures

Here are my few final beautiful pictures of pine cone terrarium.