Introduction: How to Make Needle Felted Cute Pom Poms! (The Reason the Cover Is Upside Down Is Because It Glitched)

Want to make these adorable Pom Poms? Well, you can! With just three simple steps, you will have a cute friend in only a couple minutes! Note: this is a needle felting beginner project.


Wool, (any color) small plastic eyes, needle felting tool, a foam board (for felting), glue (optional), and wire (optional)

Step 1: Making the Body of Your Pom Pom

First, take some wool in the color of your choice (take more or less depending on what you want your Pom Poms size to be) and roll it into a circle with your hands. Next, start to poke the circle while turning it until it looks like a round ball. Make sure to tuck in any lose bits of felt the best you can.

Step 2: Adding Eyes

First, take your Pom Pom and poke two holes in it with your needle. Next, slowly twirl two plastic eyes into your Pom Pom and push them in until you cannot see the screw part of each eye. If you are having trouble getting the eye in, push extra hard for about a minute. If you are having trouble getting them to stay in, then push in more or glue if you have glue. If you’re not adding accessories, you’re done!

Step 3: Adding Accessories (optional)

If you would like to make a hat, make a hat for your Pom Pom. Same with any other accessory. Sadly, I don’t have any other accessory tutorial except making a headband with little antennae on top. First, take a bit of wool in your choice of color and felt a thin line on top of your Pom Pom. Next, take two pieces of wire (about a centimeter long each) and stick both on the line. Then, make two circles and attach one ball to each piece of wire. If it doesn’t stay on, glue the wire and the circles. You’re done!