Introduction: How to Make Newspaper Wall Hanging /DIY Wall Hanging With Newspaper & Cardboard

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Rather than tossing paper in the recycle bin, you can reuse old newspaper around your home !

This instructable shows you how to make an easy and cheap wall art..

This DIY is quite simple and elegant one !!!

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this wall hanging you'll need:

  1. Newspapers,
  2. Colored papers/construction paper,
  3. Cardboard,
  4. Glue,
  5. Pencil,
  6. Scissor,
  7. Beads ,
  8. Needle and thread,
  9. Acrylic paint and paint brush.

Step 2: Customized Cardboard

Cut 3 cardboard square pieces of 9, 12, 15 cms .

Step 3: Make Newspaper Tubes

Take newspaper cut into small strips and make newspaper tubes, as much as you can :)

Step 4: Making Your Cardboard

  1. Apply glue
  2. Paste newspaper tubes
  3. Cut the extra length
  4. Do it for all three card boards
  5. Paint them with the color of your choice
  6. Take a newspaper tube , flatten them and paste around the corner of cardboard

Our base is now ready !!

Step 5: Designing Cardboards

Be creative in designing !!!

1) Cut 0.5 cm strips ( I used orange color paper).

2) Coil the strips into 3.5 ( for 15 cm board), 3 (for 12 cm board)and 2.5 cms (for 9 cm board).

3) Cut 0.5 cm strips (I used red color paper).

4) Coil them and make them into small tear shaped ones.

5) Cut 0.5 cm strips (I used yellow color paper).

6) Round each strip into small coils.

7) It's time to decorate the card boards. Paste these colored coils in card board.

Step 6: Make the Connectors Ready

1) Make 2 coils from each newspaper tubes .

2) Make an other coil glue it and , pull that inwards to form a cone shape and apply glue over them to be firm in its shape .

3) Paint these and let them dry.

4) Now take a thread attach bell and beads , with help of needle put them through cone shape.

5) Design these boards with beads

6) Attach the cone shape to 9 cm board

Step 7: Assembling Them Together

1) Fold newspaper into a small strip and glue them .

2) Paste 15 cm cardboard, one coil, 12 cm cardboard,one coil and 9 cm cardboard to the newspaper strip.

3) Cut the excess newspaper .

4) Take a piece of cardboard and cut a small square in the centre.

5) Now attach this piece to the back side of cardboard and hang it.

It is easy to make and is a perfect home decoration object.

You can either hang it in a room or give it as a gift.

Happy crafting !!!

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