Introduction: How to Make OG T-shirts

The t-shirt that my favorite singer wears, the pants my favorite celebrity wears, or trendy brand's clothes, it's all good and cool, but haven't you think you're being a clone with hundred of people who wear same t-shirts and same pants even same underwear (just joking).
If you want to be something more ORIGINAL in your fashion, please follow my tutorial!


-Empty T-shirt (many as you want)

-Paper to draw

-Pens to draw

-Plastic wrap

-Parchment paper



-Decoration stuff (optional)

-Tweezer (optional)

-Liquid glue (optional)

Step 1: Design, Be Creative!

The first step is to design any image that you want to print on your
T-shirts. You have to concern about the size of your image and color of your image that matches your t-shirt.

Step 2: Trim Your Image

The second step is to use a scissor to cut your image out of paper.
You can cut it to shape that's angular foe example rectangle, square or triangle.

Step 3: Wrap Your Image

The third step is to wrap the image that you cut in step 2.
Caution: don't wrap your image more that one time.

Step 4: Place Your Image

The fourth step is to place your wrapped image on the t-shirt that you want to print on.
I placed my images on the center of my T-shirts but you can place them anywhere on your T-shirts.

Step 5: Iron Your Image

The fifth step is to put a parchment paper on your image and iron it (10~20 seconds).
After you iron it all, your images will be print on your T-shirt.

Step 6: Decorate! (optional Step)

If you don't like to decorate your t-shirt, you may stop at step 5.

The sixth step is to use any decoration stuff, tweezer and glue to decorate your T-shirts as the following picture. I decorated my T-shirts with decoration cubics but you can use any other deco stuff. ex. buttons, shining powder, charms, etc.

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