Introduction: How to Make Picture Coasters

1. Ceramic tiles
2. Pictures
3. Mod podge
4. Acrylic sealer
5. Foam brushes
6. Self-adhesive felt pads

Step 1: How to Make Picture Coasters at Home

Ready for easy to follow steps to make cute and functional home decorations? I am ready to help with step by step instructions on how to make cute and personalized coasters.

Step 2: Making Picture Coasters

Hate when furniture gets ruined because of a glass of water or soda sweats? Then you need to get some coasters. Why not make the coasters fun and personal with pictures of everyday life! It is such an easy and fun project to do. Even someone who is not very crafty can pull this project off with these step by step instructions.

Before starting make sure to have all of these materials gathered up. What is all needed to get this done? The material list is simple. It includes ceramic tiles, mod podge, acrylic sealer, pictures (match the size of your ceramic tiles), foam brushes, and self-adhesive felt pads.

When starting, make sure to cut your pictures down to fit edge to edge of the ceramic tiles. If they hang off the tile at all: the picture will not seal properly and will peel off with time. Once the pictures are cut to the exact size put a thin layer of mod podge on the tile. Line up the picture on the tile and lay it down. Then go ahead and smooth it out. Give this about 24 hours to fully dry before moving onto the next step. Once it is fully dry, go ahead and paint a layer of mod podge on top of the picture (don't worry the mod podge goes on white but dries clear). Make sure your brush strokes are consistent as there may be faint lines from the mod podge application. Allow another 24 hours for this to dry. Repeat this step when dry, making for two coats of mod podge on the top of the picture.

When the final coat of mod podge is dry, go ahead and add the acrylic sealer. Make sure to be outside or in a very well-ventilated area as the smell is very strong. Let it sit to dry for 24 hours and then apply a second layer. When the second layer is fully dry, put the self-adhesive felt pads on the back of the coasters. Follow these steps and the coasters will be ready to use!

These are a great way to have functional and personal decorations around the house. They also make great gifts for loved ones. Now go out and get to work on making some awesome coasters!