Introduction: How to Make Pinafore Dress

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I made this dress because I've wanted to have the cute look of overalls again but I didn't want to buy it at chain stores. Knowing that this is a simple silhouette to make I decided to make my own. This pattern is very simple and you'll only need your measurements to do this. I was able to make one of these in one afternoon. You don't need to make it super complicated.

Make sure to watch the YouTube video first to get a general understanding.


Your supplies should be:

  • Fabric - depending on if its for you how long or full you want your skirt to be

I used 1.09 yard (1 meter) for myself

  • 8in non separating zipper
  • needle and thread
  • sewing machine
  • buttons or suspender clips
  • hook and eye or hook and bar
  • measuring tape
  • scissors
  • pins

Optional for helping invert pieces

  • loop turner
  • knitting needle

Step 1: Step 1: Measure the Length of the Skirt and Cut

For my skirt I wanted it to hang above my knees. So I decided to cut mine at 17 inches.

Cut the fabric the length down the fabric horizontally. Cut two of these.

Step 2: Step 2: Sew the Two Skirt Pieces Together and Hem It

Sew the two sides of the skirt together. Make sure to serge the ends so it doesn't fray.

Hem the bottom of the skirt.

Step 3: Step 3: Sew the Skirt Half Way Closed

Take the open side of the skirt and pin it together at the hem line. Sew up the skirt a little bit to close it but don't fully close the skirt.

Step 4: Step 4: Cut Out the Waistband and Sew It Together

Measure your waist. Cut a strip of fabric 4 inches wide in your waist measurement.

If you don't have a long enough strip, cut two strips and then sew them together.

Fold over the right sides to make a long tube and sew it together.

Step 5: Step 5: Gather Your Skirt and Attach to the Waist Band

Feel free to use the sewing machine for this but I like to hand sew my gathers together.
Take the top part of the skirt and sew a basting stitch. Lightly gather the skirt until it fits the waistband. Make sure the skirt fits the waistband.
Then sew the two pieces together.
After attaching the skirt to the waist band top stitch the seam upwards so that it doesn't hang weird on the inside.

Step 6: Step 6: Install the Zipper and Hook and Eye.

The skirt portion is almost done. Just install the zipper to the skirt.

To help the zipper stay closed use a hook and eye or a hook and bar at the top if you have an overlapping waist band.

Step 7: Step 7: Create the Top Panel

Use the left over fabric to draft a trapezoid to create the top. I based mine on an overalls look that will go higher than my breast line.

I cut two of these: one for the fabric front facing, and one for the lining.
Sew the two pieces together at the sides.

Step 8: Step 8: Create Straps

With some of the fabric pieces, use this to create straps.

Cut long rectangles about 4 inches wide. If you don't have enough fabric in one section, cut up other parts of the fabric and sew them together until you make two long strips.

Sew the rectangles straps with the wrong side facing out.
Turn them right side out.
Press with an iron and sew around the edges.

Step 9: Step 9: Add Your Straps to the Top

Add your straps inside the top at the corners
Pin them in place.
Sew down the top part of the top and then flip inside out.
Top Stitch around the perimeter of the top so it lays flat.
Feel free to close or serge the bottom of the top to prevent fraying.

Step 10: Step 10: Add Top to the Skirt

Find the point where you want to add the top.
(in case you want the zipper to be on the side or on the back: this is all about preference)

Pin down the top piece in place.
Sew down the top, and top stitch around the top of the waistband.

Step 11: Step 11: Add the Suspender Clips to the Back of the Straps

Try on your pinafore.
Check how long you want your straps to be.
Mark the length.
Cut off the excess.
Now sew the suspender clips at the edges.

Step 12: Step 12: WEAR IT!

With all the combined steps from now, you've finished your outfit! Wear it proudly and loud! Fashion should be enjoyed by all ages! This is a simple DIY that can be used for little ones or more mature crafters.

Feel free to add any embellishments to the front part. In my black mini Avengers pinafore I decided to add a pocket!

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