Introduction: How to Make Pine Cone Terrarium| Pine Cone Diorama|5 Minutes Craft

Welcome to my new tutorial. In this tutorial i made terrarium/diorama within 5 minutes. Don't forget to press Subscribe button, please.


Shortleaf Pine Cone

Needles Pine Cone

Outer Bark

Conifer Pine Cone

Dried Braches

Berry Cone

Acrylic color (Royal Gold, Sap Green)




Step 1: Glass, Shortleaf Pine Cone and Needles Pine Cone

  • I used crystal glass for making it.
  • I kept shortleaf pine cone in bottom 3 inches approximately.

Step 2: Coloring

  • I used sap green acrylic paint on needles pine cone.
  • I kept needles pine cone in glass at backside.
  • I used royal gold acrylic paint on conifer pine cone.
  • I kept golden conifer pine cone. please watch video for more detail.

Step 3: Coloring Royal Gold

  • I used sap green acrylic paint on dried braches.

Step 4: Final Pictures

Here are few final pictures of beautiful pine cone terrarium.

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