Introduction: How to Make: Pom-Poms (3 Additional Projects Included!)


Whether you’re planning a party, sprucing up a room or looking for a fun way to fill free time, this versatile craft is a great go-to. The pom-poms themselves are an easy craft for all ages, and they make for colorful garlands, fun party hats, and creative pillow decorations. These instructions include a step-by-step, image-guided process for making pom-poms at home. We’ve also included four additional sets of instructions for some possible at-home projects using your new, fun, and colorful pom-poms!


Materials Needed:


Most types and textures of yarn will work well for this project. Keep in mind that for a thinner yarn, a significant amount of more yarn will be required in order to make a more full pom-pom. If an ultra-plush or thicker yarn is being used, we recommend using a larger sized pom-pom maker. If you desire stiffer pom-poms, use a more structured yarn; for floppier pom-poms, use a thinner yarn.

-Standard pom-pom maker

Standard pom-pom makers are typically under ten dollars and can be found at most craft stores. Keep in mind that the devices come in various sizes. Each pom-pom maker makes only one size of pom-pom that will be relatively the same size as the device itself.

-Fabric scissors

The right scissors are very important in this craft. Sharpened fabric scissors will produce the most clean-cut and fluffy pom-poms. Craft or safety scissors will not yield the best results.

Step 1: Making the Pom-Poms

1. Extend the arms of one side of your pom-pom maker.

Step 2:

2. Wrap yarn tightly around both arms, continuing until the entire arch is filled with yarn. The tighter and fuller the yarn is wrapped, the denser your pom-pom will be.

Step 3:

3. Close the arms of the first side and repeat steps 1-2 on the second set of arms.

Step 4:

4. Close the arms on the second side. Both sides of yarn-wrapped arms should remain closed until step 8. Cut the string connecting your pom-pom to the ball of yarn.

Step 5:

5. Place scissors underneath the yarn in the crevice between the arms of one side. Keeping scissors in the crevice, cut directly through the entire arch of yarn. Repeat with the other side. Do not open the arms at this stage.

Step 6:

6. Cut a separate six-inch length of yarn. Place this piece of yarn in the crevice between the sets of arms and pull tight around both arches. Tie securely in a double-knot. The extra length of string remaining from this step can be trimmed off later or used as a hook for your finished pom-pom to hang from.

Step 7:

7. Open both sets of arms and pull the midsection of the pom-pom maker apart, releasing the pom-pom.

Step 8:

8. Trim pom-pom to desired size.

Expert Tips:
For multi-colored pom-poms, alternately wrap different yarns around the arms in step 2. For pom-poms with different colors on each half of the pom-pom, wrap each side of arms in different colors of yarn.

Step 9: PROJECT 1-Pom-Pom Party Hat

Materials Needed:

-Yarn pom-poms (see previous set of instructions)

-Cardstock (choose your color/design)

-Elastic cord or stretchy string

-Glue or tape

Making the Party Hat:

1. Roll the cardstock into a cone, holding it tightly when the open end becomes the size you need. Keep in mind it needs to fit on top of someone’s head!

2. Tape or glue the cardstock up the side to close up the loose edge.

3. Measure out a length of cord or string. Make it long enough so that it will fit securely under someone’s chin without choking them.

4. Poke holes in opposite sides of the base of the hat and string the cord through the holes. Tie a knot on the ends of the cord so that it doesn’t slip out of the holes.

5. Using tape or glue, attach your pom-pom to the tip of the hat.

Step 10: PROJECT 2- Pom-Pom Garland

Materials Needed:

-Yarn pom-poms (see previous set of instructions)

-Twine or another type of sturdy string

-Large sewing needle -Scissors

-Thumbtacks (2)

Making the Garland:

1. Cut a length of string a couple inches longer than you’d like your garland to be.

2. Lay the string out on the ground and space out the pom-poms by placing them on the ground next to the string in a way that is visually appealing to you (we typically place the pom-poms 4–6 inches apart).

3. Tie a knot in the string where you would like your leftmost pom-pom to stop.

4. Thread the needle with the garland string.

5. Pass the needle through the middle of a pom-pom to add it to your garland.

6. Slide your pom-pom over until it reaches its knot on the string. Tie a knot on the other side of the pom-pom to ensure it won’t move once the garland is hung.

7. Repeat with the other pom-poms until you run out or the garland is full.

8. Tie a loop on both ends of the string.

9. Secure the thumbtacks in the wall where you want your garland to hang.

10Place each loop over a thumbtack. Your pom-pom garland is complete!

Step 11: PROJECT 3- Pom-Pom Pillowcase

Materials Needed:

-Yarn pom-poms (see previous set of instructions)


-Sewing needle

-Thread (the same color as your pillow case)

Making the Pillowcase:

1. Cut a length of thread a few inches longer than one side of your pillowcase and tie a double knot on one end.

2. Thread the needle.

3. Push the needle through the edge of the pillowcase near the corner and pull it through the other side. Push the needle through the center of a pom-pom, where the knot is. (The knot is the center of the pom-pom where all of the pieces of yarn converge)

4. Push the needle back through the edge of the pillowcase.

5. Push the needle through the center of another pom-pom, where the knot is.

7. Continue repeating these two steps, evenly spacing the pom-poms out as you go until you have filled one side full of pom-poms. Start from step 1 and repeat for each side that you want pom-poms to be on.

Good luck crafters! We would love to see your results, leave a picture in the comments below!