Introduction: How to Make Realistic Jungle Diorama|Panda Diorama|Easy Art & Craft Tutorial

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Plaster of Paris

Acrylic Colors – Grey, Black & Raw Umber

Dried Moss

Artificial Moss

Artificial Plants

PVA Glue

Paper Cutter


Step 1: Use of Plaster of Paris

  • I used aluminum foil.
  • I used plaster of paris to make base and rocks.
  • I used paper cutter for giving texture of rocks and land.

Step 2: Coloring

  • I always used acrylic colors when I work with Plaster.

  • I used Grey, Black & Raw Umber.

  • Mix the color with water and make dilute color mixture.

  • I applied all colors one by one. You have to check the video for more detail.

Step 3: Use of Moss

  • I used dried moss for making.
  • I used artificial moss fro making it more beautiful and real.
  • I used PVA glue to paste moss.

Step 4: Final Pictures

  • Here are few final beautiful pictures of my landscape diorama.