Introduction: How to Make Rivets - From Cans ( = Any Tin)

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improvisation is priceless. here a technique to make rivets from a fishcan - or, for that matter, any kind of can, resp (thin) tin in general. its easy, free, and might turn out ´pivotal´ in an emergency etc. ok, put on your hard-head, here comes another crash-course:

ps, in a future post we deal with making hollow pivots, also from *trash*

Step 1: _1

to demonstrate the technique lets just split a piece of wood and rejoin it - with a homemade rivet

Step 2: _2

a), drill a hole through the wood (pieces)

b), take some tin (here the lid of a fishcan)

c), cut a strip

Step 3: _3

a), roll up the strip in a coil (i use a sewing-needle and some pliers)

b), cut off whatever exceeds the diameter of the ´rivet´ needed

Step 4: _4

a), insert the rivet in the holes of the two parts

b), leave on each side some extra (which will be falten to form the heads)

Step 5: _5

a), find some solid surface (and, optionally, use some washers about the size of the rivets, underneath)

b), start flatening the tin and forming a head... by hammering (move the hammer also circularly with some inclination towards the centers - that helps to get some roundish shape, if so sought). when one side is done flip the object over and create the opposite head.

Step 6: _6

take off your hard-head


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