Introduction: How to Make Scented Candles?

Everyone loves things that smell good, especially during winter when we spend a lot of time indoors. This recipe is totally customiziable, and you might just have almost all you need for this one around the house right now. The fragrance is totally up to you. You can use any essential oils you like. Also, don't be afraid to get creative with decorations!

List of supplies:

- glass containers for your candles (tiny jars are perfect)

- beeswax / unwanted candlestick / soy wax

- wicks

- candle colorant (optional)

- stickers (optional)

- cellophane (optional)

- ribbon (optional)

- blue tack (optional)

- chopsticks/pencils (optional)

Step 1: Secure Wicks to the Bottom of the Jars

You could use tiny bit of blue tack to do so (like I did in this video tutorial). Or you could use a bit of melted wax for the same purpose. Both methods will do the trick. You don't want your wicks to move around when you pour in the wax. It's a very important step - the wicks must be position at exact center of the jars if you want your candles to burn properly.

Step 2: Melt the Beeswax

Melt the beeswax in a double boiler over a low heat. If you don't have beeswax you can substitute with soy wax or ends of old candlesticks (if you are recycling a candle, scrape any of the damaged parts from the wax with a knife).

Step 3: Add the Candle Colorant

Once the wax is melted it's time to add the candle colorant. You can use any color that you like. If you don't have it on hand you could substitute with a crayon - it will work just fine.

Step 4: Add Your Favorite Scent

Add 20 to 30 drops of your favorite essential oil. You could blend few scents together if you like. Be creative!

Step 5: Pour Melted Wax Into Prepared Containers

Be very careful. You don't want to spill any of the piping hot wax on your skin nor clothes!

Step 6: Secure the Wicks With Chopsticks

Secure the wicks with chopsticks so they are straight up and positioned at the center.

Step 7: Allow Wax to Cool Down & Trim the Wicks

If you don't allow the wax to cool down completely before trimming the wicks, they might move and the candle wont burn properly. So be patient.

Step 8: Decorate Your Candles

I decorated my candles with some stickers I had leftover from previous craft projects, but you could use anything to decorate yours: paint, clay, nail polish, etc.

Step 9: Wrap Them As a Gift (optional)

You could turn these little candles into a neat gift with just a little bit of cellophane and a ribbon.

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