Introduction: How to Make Scrambler for Golden Eggs?

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You know the story of the goose that lays golden eggs ?

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It is possible to make "golden eggs" with a piece of tissue.

But the operation is very difficult.

In this instructable I will show you how to make a "scrambler" for your eggs.

It is simple to make and easy to use.

Step 1: Take a Piece of PVC Pipe

The diameter should be based on your eggs, I chose a diameter of 50 mm.

The length also depends on the size, I use a length of 9 cm

Step 2: Drilling

Drill holes for the resilient and for the yarn on either side.

I use two piece of string 1m and diameter 2mm . It is necessary that the diameter is small, kitchen string if you want.

Step 3: Make Your First Golden Egg

To check if your egg is scrambled, go into a dark room with a flashlight to look through your egg. A non-scrambled egg appears bright yellow, while a scrambled egg will have a darker red color it is your golden egg (2:15).

Your golden eggs are more fragile than traditional egg. They tend to crack while boiling. Heat the water slowly and put out the fire once they boil. Follow this method for ... perfect egg hard ....

Hard gold eggs are harder to peel than regular boiled eggs. The thin membrane between the shell and the egg is gone, making it more difficult to peel. The simplest cut the egg in half and dig with a spoon.

Gently turn at first, then louder, you should test the resistance of the shell.
Avoid to do it inside if it explodes.

Pretty cool ! Is not it?
I hope you enjoyed this instructable.

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