Introduction: How to Make Scrap Fabric Bows in a Jiffy

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If you wan't to know how to make scrap fabric bows, you're in the right place. Too, it's a smart idea because there are many ways you can use them.

On clothing and accessories they are popular embellishments. And you can find them on hats, gloves, and bags. Too, hair, and neck ties are other favorable ways to us them. But it doesn't stop there.

You can use bows to decorate cards, journals, and book covers using only a piece of scrap fabric.

Note In all instances, keep a bow's end-use in mind.

For example, if you are making items for hair, choose fabrics that are smooth and would not snag or pull on contact. And when making smaller bows, use softer, lighter fabrics.

Not only that, you might want to try hand-stitching to sew them. Because that will allow you to manage the small parts more efficiently than if using a sewing machine.

Now, let's explore how to make scrap fabric bows step by step.


A scrap of fabric about the size of the bow you want

Needle and thread or sewing machine


Flat work surface

Iron and ironing board -depending on fabric type

Step 1: ​Cut Two Fabric Rectangles

First, cut a rectangular strip of fabric consistent with the size of bow you want. I used a 6½ x 5½-inches scrap. (b) Next, cut another small one for the middle of the bow tab. I used a 3 x 2-inches piece.

Step 2: Stitch Fabric Tubes

Then, lengthwise, with the right sides together, fold the fabric in half. (b) And for both strips, stitch a ½-inch seam along the lengths, leaving the short ends open.

Step 3: ​Trim and Turn Over Tubes

Following that, trim the seams, turn the loop right side out, and press or finger press depending on the fabric type.

Step 4: ​Make the Large Loop

To make a loop, sew by hand or machine stitch the short ends of the larger strip with the right sides together. And turn it over.

(b) Then, center the seam in the back of loop and hand tack it at the top and bottom.

Step 5: Create the Small Loop

To determine the final size of the smaller loop, gather the center of the larger one and wrap the smaller one around it. And use a pin to secure it. Afterward, adjust the gathers, leaving enough room to slide the loop through.

(b) Now, remove the loop from around the larger one. And use a pin as a seam allowance guide. Then, stitch it in place, trim, and turn it over.

Step 6: Complete the Bow

To finish, push and pull the larger loop through the small one. And finally, adjust the gathers and center the small loop in the middle of the larger, and hand-tack it in place.

Note The small loop has a dual purpose. At the front, it collects the fabric in the middle of the larger loop and develops the bow. And at the back, it allows variable lengths of materials to slide within.

For that reason, refrain from sewing at the center point of the smaller circle.

Now that you know how to make a bow with fabric scraps, take another look at what you can do.

Because a bow is a bow on any given day, during the holidays, and whenever, doll-up your seasonal home decor with them. And that includes Christmas trees.

Thank you for dropping in and sharing your time.

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