Introduction: How to Make Shelby Cap

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Printable pattern available!

Step 1: Video Tutorial

Detailed video tutorial to help visualize the process if you get stuck on a step!

Step 2: List of Supplies

-LINK to Pattern:

-LINK to Sewing machine Singer 4423

-LINK to Polyester/Cotton Twill Fabric By The Yard Here:

-LINK to Bias tape folder attachment:

-LINK to Bias Tape:

-LINK to Brim:

-LINK to Elastic:

Step 3: Cut/Tape Pattern

-Print the pattern.

-Cut it out.

-Tape together.

Step 4: Trace and Cut

-Take the top panel and trace it on to fabric.

-We like to fold the fabric twice so you end up with 4 panels with each cut. This helps save time in the cutting process.

-You will need 8 total top panels

-Take the side panel. Place on the fold. Trace and cut. Only need one.

Step 5: Top Panel Start

-Take the 2 top panel pieces. Place right sides together and sew. Sew 4 together to create half of the top.

-Do not sew the two halves together!

-Trim the seam allowance.

Step 6: Twin Needle/Bias Tape Setup

-Place the twin needle into the domestic machine.

-Switch machine to zigzag stitch with 0 width.

-Add folder on to the machine. We used tape because our folder is designed for a industrial sewing machine.

-Links for the different types of folders are in the above supply list.

-Thread the machine with two spools of thread and you are good to go!

-You totally can just top stitch this seam like normal. We use the bias tape for a more professional finish.

Step 7: Trim and Add Bias Tape

-If you are using the bias tape method.

-Trim the access fabric from seam.

-Cut bias tape to the needs of folder.

-Place bias tape in the folder and start stitching.

-Be sure to stay in the center of the seam. This will add a nice top stitch on each side of the seam. Giving your shelby cap a professional look.

-Make sure to go over the 3 seams per half.

Step 8: Sew the Tops Together

-Take the top two halves.

-Place the right sides together and sew all the way across.

-Keep the centers lined up. It helps to start in the center and sew toward the outside edges.

Step 9: Bias Tape Center

-With the top sew together.

-Sew across the top adding bias tape and top stitch.

-Make sure you cut enough bias tape to cover entire seam.

Step 10: Sew Lining

-The lining is sewn the exact same way at the outer top and side panels.

-Pin and sew. DO NOT add top stitching or bias tape!

Step 11: Attaching Lining to Outer Shell

-Place the lining and the outer layer wrong sides together.

-Align the back seams.

-Sew all the way around the bottom edge with about .25 seam allowance.

Step 12: Adding Interfacing

-Take the side panel. Cut a strip of interfacing the same width but leave 1.5 inches on each end of the side panel.

-Iron on the interfacing to the side panel.

Step 13: Sew Side Panel

-Place right sides together and sew.

Step 14: Attaching Top to Side Panel

-Flip the top wrong sides out.

-Place the side and top panel right sides together.

-Sew around the bottom in a circle.

-Take your time and do not pull the fabric as you sew.

Step 15: Attaching Brim

-Make front center of top crown and back center of brim.

-Place right sides together and sew from the center towards the outside edges.

-This will help keep the brim in the center of the crown.

-We recommend using a narrow/zipper foot to get close to the brim as you sew.

Step 16: Attaching Sweatband

-We made a guide out of heavy stock paper. Make sure it fits the sweatband nice and snug. This will keep the sweatband from moving around while sewing.

-Tape the guide on the machine.

-Roll the edge of the crown over so the wrong side of the sweatband is touching the right side of the crown. Begin to sew.

-Use a zipper/narrow presser foot and start sewing around the bottom attaching the sweatband. Keep as close to the edge of the sweatband as possible.

-This process will attach the sweatband and also provide a top stitch.

-You can also make your own sweatbands by folding fabric in half or you can buy premade professional ones at

Step 17: Adding Elastic

-Cut small piece of elastic.

-Stitch one half to the back interfacing were the back meets.

-Stretch the elastic across the fabric gap and attach it to the other end of interfacing.

-The step adds for a tighter fitting cap.

-Stretch the elastic more if your are looking for smaller cap.

Step 18: Locking Top to Brim

-Grab the center of the top crown and middle of the top brim with fingers.

-Flip inside out and place a tack stick in that location. This adds that tradition flatcap look in front.

-Feel free to sew further across the front. Locking it down to the brim. It is really up to you and the look you are trying to create.

Step 19: Adding Cover Button

-Cut small circle of fabric that will fit around the top of the cover button.

-Fold the fabric circle around the top piece. Place the middle prong connector inside the top button. This will lock the fabric into place.

-Take the prongs. Place them into the press and press button into position. You will want this to be in the center of the cap where all the panels meet.

-If you do not have a press you can just push the prong end up into the center of the cap. Then hammer the top into position.

Step 20: Shelby Cap Complete

Thank you for checking out our instructable! Be sure to follow for more in the future! If you get stuck on any step check out the video. It will help you get a visualization of the sewing process.