How to Make Simple KIDNEY Moulage




Introduction: How to Make Simple KIDNEY Moulage

HELLO. NOW WE WANT to MAKE A MINI MOULAGE.Students or teachers can make it to study or teach with them. It's a very simple moulage and maybe can not use for academic projects or teaching.

Step 1: What You Need?

you need:


2.glue that doesn't melt the foam


4.marker or pen


6.iron wire

7. 5mm compressed foam

Step 2: Have a Sample.

Download some Moulage samples on the internet to make more real moulage. Also use pictures of KIDNEY in physiology books.

Step 3: Draw the Kidney

draw the kidney on the foam or print one of the kidney pictures and glue it to the foam with Adhesive tape.

Step 4: Cutting

1.cut the surrounding of the picture of the kidney or your drawing.

2.cut another piece of foam.

3. glue the first piece to another.

Step 5: After the Glue Dries

cut the surrounding of foams carefully.

Step 6: Using Sandpaper

Sanding the corners of the foam and smoothing the foam surface as well as leveling the post and heights of one side of the foam.

Step 7: Increase Model Accuracy

1.we cut here of the model because in the real model the vessels and Ureter come out in the middle of the kidney.

2.we again use sandpaper to remove corners and make the model more beautiful.

Step 8: Coloring,painting and Add Details first we color the front of the model( I use chalk pastel and color pens but with Oil colored I think Gives a better color).

2.then we add details like wrinkles with an empty pen. on the back of the model we paint real details of the kidney.

Step 9: Making Stand

we need a vier to make a stand.

first, we make a circle with wire and then like (gif) I bend the wire to make a stand.

Step 10: At Last.

you can also make this moulage with Play Dough.

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