Introduction: How to Make Slime #HMS2020

Slime is easy to make and doesn't need much effort. You might already have all the materials you need and don't have to buy anything else. Slime just needs a few materials but you can also add your own add-ins. There are many types of different ways to make slime. The one I'm presenting is a simple slime. There is no specific limit into adding extra add-ins (ex. glitter, color, beads, e.t.c.,)


-Container (to put slime when finished)

-Mixing Bowl

-Glue (white, clear, colored, or glitter glue)

-Any Color Dye (optional)

-Spoon or Stick to Mix

-Extras: beads, foam balls, glitter, pigment, fishbowl beads, orbeez, e.t.c.,(optional)

-Activator (one cup of water and a teaspoon of borax)

Step 1: Adding the Base


-Glue (white, clear, colored, or glitter glue)

-Container (to put slime in when finished)

- Mixing Bowl

Put the glue of your choice into the mixing bowl. Make sure the glue is at least an inch or lower than the height of the bowl because it may expand/over flow later on and/or it would spill when you mix it. Have the container slightly wider/bigger than the mixing bowl or else the slime won't fit into the container. Don't use a glass or wooden container because the slime would stick to it. Therefore its best to use a plastic mixing bowl.

Step 2: Adding Colors


- Any Color Dye (optional)

- Spoon or Stick to Mix the Color Dye With

Add any coloring to your slime. You can mix now but you don't have to. If you do decide to mix now, you may use a wooden stick or plastic spoon. If you mix, make sure you mix it until all the coloring is blended in. If you don't want to mix it now just leave the color dye on the glue as is. Add as much coloring as you want or as little. If you use color glue, you don't have to put color dye into the slime but you can if you want to.

Step 3: Add Decorations


- Extras: beads, foam balls, glitter, pigment, fishbowl beads, orbeez, e.t.c.,(optional)

Add any extras to your slime if wanted. Make sure you don't add a lot of extras because it might expand when you add activator. When you are adding the extras, you may put it after or before the slime is finished, it doesn't matter when you put them in. You could add as many extras as you would like. Make sure when you are adding the extras, you don't use your hands to mix because some stuff may stick to your hands such as glitter.

Step 4: Finishing It Up


- Activator (one cup of water and a teaspoon of borax)

- Spoon to mix (if you haven't use it already)

Mix everything together before or after you put in the activator. Adding one tablespoon of activator at a time. Keep adding activator into the glue mixture until you feel your slime as form into a dough but not sticky. Don't add to much activator or else it will be to watery. Once you feel like the slime has form, take the slime out of the mixing bowl and kneed it with your hands a few more time. Mixing it with your hands makes it faster and easier. After that you can put the slime into a container. If you feel like your slime is not forming, you could add more activator so you can see if it starts to form or add more glue because it may be over activated. If it is too sticky, just add a little bit of activator at a time.

Step 5: Conclusion

The thing that I learned from making this project is that you shouldn't mix with your hands to early because the slime might stick to your hands. The problem that came up for me was that I thought I added enough activator because the slime seemed formed when I was mixing it so I took it out from the mixing bowl to start mixing it with my hands but it was too sticky. Then I needed someone else to pour a bunch of activator for me because it was all over my hands.