Introduction: How to Make Squash Jelly

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Summer time in the Southern United States means squash, squash and ummm....more squash. There are only so many squash dishes that you can make before you are sick of squash. So allow me to help you out a little. What looks like marmalade and isn't...Squash jelly.

My mom started making this years ago and this Instructable is created due to her supporting my creative pursuits and her sage advice today. Way to go Mom!!!

Step 1: What You Will Need....

  • A Dish Pan
  • A Mixing Bowl
  • A Large measuring cup (to make life easier)
  • A small measuring cup
  • A grater
  • A knife
  • 1/2 pint to pint jars
  • A wide mouth funnel (for canning)
  • A long Handled Spoon.
  • A Canner or Large Pot

Step 2: Wash Your Jars...

Even if they are new, rinse your jars off. It is just sanitary. You don't want to be chomping on things that are not part of the recipe. So just a quick rinse under hot water then let them dry.

Step 3: Ingredients...

  • Squash, yellow crook neck squash is best. You can use zucchini but it is darker in the jar.
  • Jello (The expert says for pretty use strawberry or pineapple).
  • A 20 oz can of crushed pineappe
  • Water
  • Lemon Juice
  • Granulated Sugar

Step 4: Wash Your Squash...

This is not a Dr Seuss book, just rinse them off in cold water.

Step 5: Grating the Squash...

Note of Warning.... If you have never used a grater, they cut and you do want that so be careful.

Trim the ends off the squash.

You do not want to use the seeded part of the squash. You want to use the neck and the out side edges of the squash up until you start seeing seeds so check often. Once you see seeds roll the squash around and do another side. You will get the needed 6 cups rather quickly. I think I used about small squash.

Step 6: Adding the Sugar...

You will need as much sugar as as you do squash. 6 cups!!! Don't be shy.

Step 7: Adding the Lemon Juice...

Once you have your sugar in a mixing bowl, add 1/4 cup lemon juice. Just dump it right in with the sugar.

Step 8: Adding the Water...

Add 1/4 cup of water just like with the lemon juice. And add it to the sugar and the lemon juice.

Step 9: Adding the Pineapple

Open your can of pineapple. Dump it into the mixture. Juice and all.

Step 10: Mix It Up...

You should have added everything except for the Jello. It will be a little hard to stir to begin with but stir it up good until all the ingredients are mixed well.

Step 11: Time to Start Cooking...

We began on medium heat. Just keep stirring. Your sugar will begin to liquefy and will get easier to stir. You have to stir constantly in the same direction. Once it got liquefied, we turn it up to medium high and let it come to a rolling boil.

Step 12: Adding the Jello

Once it has started boiling, add the jello. Keep mixing. This is where the color and the fruit flavor comes from so make sure you get it mixed thoroughly.

Step 13: Putting the Jelly Into the Jars...

Once you get the jelly off the stove, use your funnel (if your aim is as bad as mine not if it as good as moms). I used a measuring cup to pour it in.Fill it only to the bottom lip of the jar.

Step 14: Put the Lids On...

Make sure you put them on tightly. This is crucial for them to seal correctly. Once the lids are one wipe the can off with a dish cloth.

Step 15: Give Them a Bath...

While you are filling your jars, move the canner onto the stove. So the water inside can be getting warm. You will still be at medium high heat. You will put them in a hot water bath for 10 minutes. We used a pressure canner. I was able to fit 8 in a small canner. Don't add any pressure. You are just going to let them heat up so the lids will heat and seal.

Step 16: Let Them Sit...

Once they had bathed for 10 minutes, remove from the heat and remove the lid. Allow the steam to dissipate then CAREFULLY remove the cans from the water. One they will be hot. Two, you don't want to bang the jar over the side of the canner. It could shatter or cause it not to seal correctly. Let it sit over night covered to maintain the heat.

That's it. That's all. Simple enough and yummy to eat or share with those you love.

Until next time,

Love, Joy and Cupcakes.

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