Introduction: Making Your Own Stress Ball

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Part of the fun of making for me is using what I have on hand to make something totally different.

We all have different stresses in out lives. For some it is work, for other family or finances. We all need to have a way to relieve stress. Stress balls are a relaxing and enjoyable way to relieve said stress. You can squeeze it or toss it. Just gives you somewhere to put your excess energy.

So today, I was looking through some stuff and found a bag of balloons. I knew I had some new glass beads that would work well for this project. Let's see how it is done.

Step 1: What You Will Need for This Project...

You won't need much for this project.

  • A latex balloon
  • A funnel
    • You could put the beads in one at a time but it is so much easier and faster with a funnel,
  • Something to put into the balloon.
    • Depending on your level of tactile sensitives, you can use glass beads, flour or sand to fill you balloon. I chose beads because of the texture it leaves on the balloon when you squeeze it.

Step 2: Adding the Beads....

I know this seems simple enough but the funnel goes into the balloon, you will have to hold it with your thumb because it will slide off as you add the beads, it can get pretty heavy. Pour beads into the funnel and allow the balloon to fill.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Tie off your balloon and squeeze all your stress away. On a side note, this is a good project for classrooms, to keep kids with ADHD or anxiety focused. Just remember to make sure the kids are well supervised as balloons and beads could both be choking hazards. You can also double balloon as well, just for safety.

If you have an older adult in your home who is losing strength in their grip, this would would a welcome item for them to have as they sit and watch TV.

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