Introduction: How to Make Steering Gaming Wheel

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If you want to regularly play racing games on your PC or game console, consider using a dedicated racing wheel for more immersive experience, So here I'm going to build mobile gaming wheel, I hope you like this process, its a good beginner DIY fun project. I hope you like it. Here I covered;

  1. Selection of corrugated cardboard
  2. Cutting
  3. Gluing & Fixing

Material Required :-

  • Cardboard
  • Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Scissor & Glue.

Enjoy a cockpit-like driving experience.

Step 1: Required Tools

Get your all materials at one place and make sure nothing is missed later.

Step 2: Prepare Your Design

Here using a plate for making a circle, and placing mobile in center.

  • Use plate for draw a circle,
  • Use mobile in center.

Step 3: Cutting : Circular & Rectangular

Here simply cut the outlined, simply use cutter, slow and steady.

  • Cut first - Circular shape,
  • Cut Mobile Outline - Rectangular shape.

Step 4: Draw & Cut an Arc Shape

Here simply use semi circular cut with the help of plate.

  • Cut arc shape both side.

Step 5: Make : 3 Rectangular Cardboard Piece

Simply draw inside and outside with 1 inch margin, cut the cardboard and duplicate it with 2 more pieces.

Step 6: Glue and Fixing

Glue all three parts of cardboard piece and stick with wheel.

  • Gluing with 3 rectangular shape cardboard,
  • Stick with wheel.

Step 7: Make Hollow Shape & Glue on Back of Wheel

Now cut off the adhesive area after a few minutes and glue it to the back of the wheel.

Step 8: Final Product : Enjoy Gaming

Place your mobile inside the wheel and enjoy the gaming experience, you'll definitely find some fun from a well-synced wheel.

Thank you for watching my project, please share your thoughts & your feedback.

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