How to Make Stick Ice Cream Can Be Useful for Anything

Introduction: How to Make Stick Ice Cream Can Be Useful for Anything

Hello guys, today i want make a candy case from ice cream stick.


-Ice cream stick

Step 1:

First step, put the stick side by side. And then, we put the glue in the stick and after that stick it on the left side and the right side.

Step 2:

Next put the stick again on the top of the previous stick but in the opposite direction, doing this step until the size becomes like on the picture. Dont forget put glue on the stick.

Step 3:

Next put the stick again on oppiste direction, dont forget to put the glue on the stick So that the stick can't be separated.doing this step until it becomes this size.

Step 4:

Next lets make the cover. Put the stick in the both side like in the picture. After that put the stick on the top Previous stick. Doing this step until it become like in the picture. And next we make the handle for the cover. Cut 4 stick like the picture, and put the glue after that stick it until it becomes 2 part.

Step 5:

Done, now you can put your candy in it.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    Nice job!

    You should consider using the very last image as your main image in your intro step so people can see what you made right away :)