Introduction: How to Make Tars From Interstellar Using Tinkercad/ for Distance Learning With Tinkercad Contest

This Is from a Movie Called intersetellar. He may look complex but it is super easy to make

Step 1: Step 1: the Body

The pictures are placed in order. First get a box and angle it like the first picture. Then, change the color to Grey. After that, get anther box but make it super thin and put it side by side with the grey box color this one black. finally copy and paste the first box to the other side and press L to align and then group them

Step 2: Step 2: the Arms or Legs

Tars Doesn't really look like a human so I'm just guessing this is the arms They may also be legs. For this Copy and paste one of the grey body pieces and then Adjust it to make stand straight like first pic. Then Copy this and paste to other side then make them stand up straight, and put em on each side

Step 3: Step 3: the Decals

The First Decal is the Black screen That acts as Tars' Face. For this Get a box and Make it the right Size. Not Too big, Not too Small. Then Place it onto the body as shown.

The next decal the word Tars under the right side of Tars' "Face". Get words and put on for this