Introduction: How to Make Vase From PVC Pipe and Cardboard

Welcome to my new tutorial. In this tutorial i made vase from PVC Pipe and cardboard. Don't forget to Like, Subscribe & Comment.


PVC Pipe


Masking Tape

Hot Glue Gun

Plaster of Paris


Patching Plaster


Plastic Rope

Acrylic color (Titanium White)

Glitter (Silver, Purple & Blue)




Step 1: Cutting of PVC Pipe and Cardboard

  • I used PVC pipe for making vase.
  • Cutter your cardboard as vase is required.

Step 2: Hot Glue Gun and Masking Tape

  • I used hot glue gun to paste pieces of cardboard.
  • I used masking tape for making base of vase.

Step 3: Use Plaster of Paris & Patching Plaster

  • I used Plaster of Paris for making base hard.
  • I used sandpaper for making it smooth.
  • I used Patching Plaster for making it smoother.

Step 4: Use of Superbond and Glitters

  • I applied superbond for pasting plastic rope.
  • I applied all purpose adhesive on plastic rope for pasting glitters.

Step 5: Finial Pics

  • Here are few final pictures of my vase.