Introduction: How to Make Very Simple a Circular Saw Crosscut Jig and Router Guide 2 in 1

Good afternoon!

I bought a mini circular saw TECCPO 4-1/2”. I decided to expand its functionality and made a guide for the saw. Now you can cut boards, bars 4 cm thick, as well as furniture panels up to 50 cm long. You can cut them at 45 and 90 degrees. You will be able to cut at various angles with ease, safely make dados, create half-lap joints, and work with an expanded cut capacity.

Tools that i used:

- Circular saw

- Milling machine

- Electronic Vernier Caliper

- Clamp

- Electric screwdriver

- 180 degree semi-circular protractor

- Japanese saw

Step 1:

Step 2:


- Furniture panel 60 * 40 cm

- Aluminum corners 4 pcs 1.5 * 1.5 * 100cm

- Aluminum corner 1 pc 4 * 4 * 50cm

- beam 4 * 4 * 100cm

- screws / screws

Step 3:

For the foundation I used a furniture board. But it is better to use a sheet of plywood, as it is much stronger and it certainly does not deform over time. But make sure you are working with a straight piece of plywood or furniture board.

As side supports, I used a 4 * 4 cm beam, because the maximum cut depth of my saw is 4.3cm. I glued the beam to the base, and also fastened them with screws. I cut off the excess part of the timber.

Step 4:

As guides, I used aluminum corners. The thickness of the corner is 2 mm. He caved in under the weight of the circular, so I decided to strengthen it with a second corner. The result was a stiffener 4 mm thick.

Step 5:

To connect the 2 corners, I glued a double-sided tape. then i connected the corners together, and made several through holes for the screws. The screw caps must be hidden flush, so they will not interfere with sliding the saw along the guides.

Step 6:

Сheck the thickness of the side supports. The thickness of the side supports should be the same

Step 7:

I fix the guides with the help of screws. after each operation, you need to check the set angle of 90 degrees. First we fix one guide. Then we install the second guide, take a saw and set the distance between the guides equivalent to the width of the sole of the saw.

Step 8:

We fix the second guide. The saw should slide freely along the guides.

We make the first cut to the full length.

Step 9:

To make a guide at 45 degrees, I took another aluminum corner and cut to the desired length. I chose a place for its location and made a through hole in the base. On the back of the board, I pressed in a furniture nut.

Step 10:

Made fixing wing screws. I cut the caps of the bolts and screwed a couple of nuts and Metal Wing Nuts

Step 11:

I set an angle of 45 degrees from the cut of the circular saw. I will drill one more hole for fixing. (in this way you can make any angle you need)

Step 12:

To protect the wood, I covered it with oil. The guide is ready.

Step 13:

We pass to tests.

1 - I trimmed the furniture board at 90 degree.

2 - Sawed timber at 45 degrees

3 - I sawed timber with a maximum thickness of 4 cm.

Step 14:

Using the guide it is convenient to make create half-lap joints. My edge mill and circular saw have the same base width. Therefore, I can use the guide with the router.

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