Introduction: How to Make Wooden Dice

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To start off with this Instructables. I don't have access to any 4x4 wood so I had to use some 2x4 pieces, I started with getting the right measurements to make some cubes.

Step 1: The List

The items I used are:

  1. wood clamps
  2. wood glue
  3. miter saw
  4. sander
  5. sandpaper with a grit of 60, 80, and 120
  6. drill with a size 16 bit
  7. wood varnish

Step 2: Making the Cut

So I started with getting the right measurement and marked the lines so I get the cut perfect with the 2x4

Step 3: Gluing

now I used the wood glue and made the blocks aligned as I tightened the clamps and let the glue dry over night

Step 4: Marking and Drilling

I used a speed square to make lines going from corner to corner. then I used a normal dice to make sure the numbers were in the right place. Next I used a drill and bit and the X's to make the holes as close to perfect as possible.

Step 5: Sanding

next I sanded the blocks with a 60 grit sandpaper to get the marks off. then I used the 80 and 120 grit to smooth it out and round the edges

Step 6: The Finale

now for the finish project I used a black paint for the holes and gave the dice a nice layer of varnish

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