Introduction: Wooden Music Amplifier

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In this instructable it mainly a guide and not a step by step thing. So i'll be making you choose what measurements, color, and how fine you want to sand it.

I recommend reading this full instructable before buying the stuff you need for this.

Step 1: What You Need

  1. safety glass or goggles
  2. pencil
  3. phone to make your measurements
  4. table saw or chop saw that extends
  5. drill
  6. medium size brad point bit enough to start the jig saw
  7. jig saw
  8. hole saw
  9. sand paper
  10. i used an orbital sander but you can use want ever you have available
  11. varnish
  12. paintbrushes
  13. wood glue
  14. wood clamps or clamp with wood block between the speaker and the clamp

Step 2: Cutting the Size You Want

I started by making a rectangle on a sheet of ply wood (its also your choice of how thick of plywood you want to use).

Then i cut the rectangle out and used it to cut two more of the same size. then just toss out what ever scraps you have.

I didn't really trow that piece away i'm not that wasteful :)

Step 3: Cutting an Angle on the Base

I put the three pieces on top of each other and raised the blade to the right size. Then i picked an angle that i liked and cut the three pieces of wood at the same time so they will fit nicely with each other.

Step 4: Cutting the Phone Slot

First i marked the pieces of wood so i would know which is which. f = front, m = middle, b = back

Then i put the phone in the middle of the piece and used the pencil to mark it. Next you will use the table saw again or a jig saw which ever is easier.

Now use the jig saw if the table saw could cut deep enough. Then use the drill and drill the corner so you can put the saw blade level with the line that goes for cut to cut.

Step 5: Cutting the Front Piece

Now use what you cut on the middle piece and make a new mark on the front piece. Don't make the cut the exact same size make it a little bit shallower.

Use the table or jig saw and cut the front piece. Now use the drill to make an opening for the jig saw to cut from one cut to the other again.

Step 6: Drilling the Holes

Find the perfect place to to drill the holes with the hole saw. You can stack the front and middle pieces on top and drill through both of them at the same time to make them even. (Sorry the hole saw i was using started messing up so i had the use different sizes).

Step 7: Creating Noise Tunnels From the Phone Box to the Holes

Use the pencil to draw tunnels from where your speakers on the phone are to the circles you just cut out. Next use the jig saw to cut the tunnels out.

Step 8: Sanding and Varnishing Part 1

Now you want to mark the cuts on the other pieces of wood. Then sand inside of those marking and inside the cuts you made (i used a hand sander for this part).

Next use the varnish and paint in the cuts and inside the marking you made. Don't forget to follow the instructions on how to use the varnish. Each type of varnish is different.

Step 9: Gluing and Varnishing

You can go ahead and glue the front and middle pieces then clamp them and come back when the glue is dry.

When the glue dries varnish inside the the tunnel.

When the varnish dries you can glue the back to the middle then clamp it and wait for it to dry.

You also want to clamp the middle.

Step 10: Sanding and Varnishing Part 2

You can sand it however you want. I used 60 grit the 80 grit then 120 grit.

Now i started to varnish it.

Step 11: This Is My Second One

So about a month ago i started making one to keep in my bathroom so my music is loud enough to hear when i'm in the shower. Then i decided to make another one just for putting on instructables it didn't turn out as well as my first one but they both work well.

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