Introduction: River Hunting Jar

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to start this off i don't know what you call this but me and a friend call it river hunting its where you go snorkeling or diving in rivers lake or cave. but it usually happens in popular areas and you look for phones, watches, go pros, sunglasses, wallets, and etc...

so this thing i made is basically the jar you put the valuable stuff you find inside or sharp objects like hooks and knives

i used paracord for the string but you can use whatever is easier.

  1. paracord
  2. drill
  3. drill bit
  4. lighter
  5. m&m container

Step 1:

i used a drill bit that was the same size as the paracord and drilled two holes one on the lid and one on the main part of the jar but close to the lid

Step 2:

then i fed the paracord through the holes and tied a not and used the lighter to melt it together so it cant untie

Step 3:

now ive made a loop at the other end of the paracord and put a carabiner on it and that is how it connects to you

Step 4:

almost done. now you use whatever size drill bit you want and put holes everywhere on top, on the sides, and on the bottom until your satisfied with how many you have

Step 5:

here is the finished project i would swim around and test it and show you photos but its a little to hard at the moment since it is winter where i am. but when it warms up and my friend and i are using these i will add photos to the comment section below.

thank you for reading this all the way through. once again if you have any suggestion please let me know and i'll think about it

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