Introduction: How to Make World Map Using Natural Things

Hi again!! I have posted another project on maps and so go check that out too. I like posting two projects in every contest, one of Tinkercad and next of real- life. This one of my best projects and it looks so realistic that I can't even tell you. It is not printed and is made by me using natural things. Here are the supplies-


  • Sand (representing Dessert and mountains)
  • Small grasses (representing Grasslands and plains)
  • Cotton (representing snow)
  • A cardboard base
  • A pencil
  • A scissor
  • A dark blue poster colour
  • A brush
  • Some water
  • And lots and lots of glue

Step 1: The Materials

These are the materials.

P.S.= Some materials are not needed. Use only the materials used in the supplies menu in the step before this.

Step 2: Drawing the World Map

Drawing the world map is very easy. Just take a picture from Google and draw the world map on the cardboard piece. I am not so good at drawing but I did my best.

Step 3: Glueing Up the Natural Things and Creating a Mess

Now it's glue time!! Take the glue in a bowl and mix it. Now spread them on the land parts of the world map. Now, get the physical world map and accordingly spread the natural things. Such as- Cotton in snowy regions, Sand in desert or mountainous regions and grass in grassland or plain region. Cotton and Sand can stick easily but grasses are very difficult to stick and so they can come out sometimes. Don't get irritated as the result will surprise you. And during this process, a mess can be created and so we cannot avoid that. A mess is always there in a craft project.

Step 4: Colouring the Background

Now to colour up the background. Take a dark blue poster colour and paint it all over the left over spaces. Remember to make the boundaries of the continents or islands a little dark and other to be a little light. Now you are done!!

Step 5: My Final Map

This is my final world map using natural things. Hope my steps are understandable and you guys like it!!

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