Introduction: Instructables Robot Helmet (Using Only Cardboard!!)

Hi again!! I have posted another project before this so go check that out too. It is in the same contest. Last one was in Tinkercad. So I thought why not make a real life one too. And what could be better than the mascot of my favorite website. Let's start!!

Step 1: Things Needed

These are the supplies.

Step 2: Cutting Cardboards and Creating a Mess

Now take the cardboard and cut four squares of the same size. You can increase the width and decrease the length. It is your wish. Now check if it is the size of your head. No craft can be done without creating a mess. It is a common thing.

Step 3: Taping Up the Cutouts

Now it's time to tape them up!! Use a brown or a transparent tape. Tape the edges from the inside if using brown tape. Do it neatly!! Now just make the face and do the detailing. I am not so much good at drawing but I did my best.

Step 4: Final Robot Helmet

This is my final robot helmet. Hope my steps are understandable and you guys like it.

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