Introduction: Food Lifter in Tinkercad

Exercise is very important but what if we are hungry? This is made specially for that purpose. Let's get started body builders!!

Step 1: Fries for Handle

For the handle, first thing that came to my mind was fries. So I used it for handle and believe me or not, it looks amazing. Take the scribble block and draw the shape of fries and place it high in the air in horizontal way.

Step 2: Pizza for Balance

For balancing the food lifter, I chose pizza. Take a cone and flaten it. Then, take a half circle and flaten that too. Make it small as a Salami and place it on the cone. Then place it on the fries. Balancing is done.

Step 3: Donut for Weight

Let's use Donut for weight and so take a torus and increase the tube level. Then do the scribble and make a shape of melted chocolate. Attach it to the fries. Weight is added to your food lifter.

Step 4: Final Food Lifter

This is my final food lifter, Hope my steps are understandable and you guys like it.