Introduction: How to Make Yaphit From the Orville - DIY Slime

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So you are watching The Orville. It's funny, fun, and a lot like Star Trek. Then, as you are laying in bed later that night, waiting for the sweet embrace of a dreamless sleep, you suddenly realize one thing. You MUST make Yaphit. Don't worry. I'm here to help. With just a few simple steps you can have your own very realistic version of Yaphit. The only difference is it's quite a bit smaller than Yaphit. Maybe the size of the piece of Yaphit that became lodged inside Bortus.

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

You will need:
  • 1. 5 oz. container of Clear Glue.
  • 4/3 a teaspoon of Borax.
  • Green and Yellow Paint.
  • Half a cup of water.
  • One large bowl.

Step 2: Step 2: Put Glue in Bowl

Open up the glue, and dump the whole container in the bowl.

Step 3: Step 3: Borax and Paint

Add both the 3/4 teaspoon of borax, and the paint at the same time. Make sure to mix the green and yellow paint together until it matches Yaphit's color.

Step 4: Step 4: Mix and Add Water

Now it's time to stir a lot. Stir for about two minutes, then add in all your water. It will not look like slime at first when you add the water, but eventually it will turn into it.

Step 5: Step 5: Mix More

Eventually, you really should stick your hands in and really mix it well.

Step 6: Step 6: Shape It!

Make the slime into a ball, then shape it into Yaphit. Make sure to pay special attention to his lips.

Step 7: Step 7: All Done!

You are all done! Now, you are the very proud owner of a Yaphit. And, you made him all by yourself. Congratulations!