Introduction: How to Make Your Fisrt PCB


We will learn here how to make its first PCB

Step 1: Choose Your Software

Multiple software exists for designed PCB

  1. Kicad
  2. easyeda
  3. Eagle

For designed my first PCB, I have used Eagle.
Eagle have lot of component include in the software.
If the component isn't enable, you can search your part on this website .

When you have all your part available in your softaware, you can start designing.

Step 2: Designing

  1. First create your schematics :
    • Add your components
    • Add your connections
  2. Switch to Board
  3. Route your connections or Autoroute

Step 3: Export the Files

Click on the manufacturing option

Then generate the CAM file, make sure you select the "Export as zip" option then just click on "Process Job" A new folder will be generated at the location that you chose.

Step 4: Manufacturing

Once you have generated gerber and drills files, you can order your PCB.
I made mine with JLCPCB, they're cheap and shipping is fast.
Usually 10 pcs will cost you 2$ & will be shipped within 48 hrs.
You just have to grab the .zip file and drop it in their web page, then is just cuestion of follow the next simple steps, making sure that all the drilling files are there.

Now wait postman ;)

Step 5: Step 5 : Assembly

Thank You for reading the post...
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