Introduction: How to Make Your Own Decorative Egg With a Face

It is very simple to make your own decorative eggs. These eggs are perfect miniature decorations for your home,school, or office. These little eggs are also great for recycling. These little fellows are also fun to make. This activity requires your imagination and creativity. For the egg, crack the top part and remove the yolk. So there is nothing inside the egg. Break only the top part. But first, you will need these materials.

  • the egg without the yolk
  • a marker
  • bond paper or colored paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • Optional: cotton,crayons,colored pencils, or other coloring materials

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

First, you need an egg without the yolk,scissors,glue,colored paper and a marker. You can also use cotton,bond paper, and other coloring materials like crayons,oil pastels,and colored pencils. Remember that some of these are optional but it would be better if you used some.

Step 2: Drawing the Face

Next, get the materials you need from the previous step. Get the egg and draw the face with a marker. Think what you are going to draw. Draw it carefully since you are using a marker. Draw the face or the design. You can use a friendly,cute,awesome, or cool face. Be creative use the color pens to color in the face features like skin,eyes, or other facial features. Only color the parts that needs coloring because you might cover some parts with cotton and paper.

Step 3: Adding the Hair and Hat

Third, make your hair and hats. Remember to think what you are going to make. Get your bond paper or colored paper for the hat. But remember this is optional. Remember to use your imagination and creativity. Cut your colored paper into a rectangular or square shape then adjust it on the head by folding it around. Cut to adjust it. This is only for the hat. Adjust the cotton for the hair. You can make different kinds of hairstyles.

Step 4: Pasting

Fourth, use the stuff you made at the third step and paste it to your egg. Think on where will you glue the features. Glue the hat on it and the hair on it or around the head. Remember to be careful with using glue and make sure your egg won't crack. You're almost finished!

Step 5: Checking and Adjusting

For the final touch, check and adjust the features. Check your hats and hair. You can also check your design or add some features. Now your decorative egg is completed!