Introduction: How to Make a 5V Aluminium Battery at Home DIY

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Hi! guys today i am going to teach you how to make an iron and aluminium battery at home.You can use it for your science exhibition projects or in emergency for charging your cell phone.


Step 1: Requirements and Making - Part 1

Requirements :

- 5 iron strips

- 5 aluminium strips

- some paper tape

- some salt (NaCl)

- Some water

- multi-meter

- mobile charger

- some wires

Making :

So the first part is to drill a hole to all the strips at the top. These are for connecting wires.Now take the iron strips and stick some paper tape on it.Now take the aluminium strip and place it on the iron strip.Paper tape has been used to keep the two strips isolated from each other otherwise they could get short circuited.

Step 2: Making Part - 2

Now you should have five such cells where each cell is designed to produce up-to 1.3 volts.Connect all these five cells in series.

Now connect one big wire to the end strips as shown. Now take a multi-meter an measure a total output voltage you should see some were around 0.02 to 0.03 volts that is because of moisture in the air.

Now take a bowl fill it with water put two tea spoons of salt in it let the salt get mixed with water. Now place the newly made battery completely inside the bowl let it get soaked in salt water after some time about half an hour.Now take it out of the bowl it should reflect much more voltage than at was before which in my case was up-to 0.73 volts now recharge it with help of a mobile charger.

After some time remove the charger and measure the voltage you should see the that is reflecting 5.1 volts.

Video :

Step 3: Test :

Use this power to light up some mini led lights or to some level, even charge your mobile phone.

Ok so guys that's all for today.

Thank you !

Mr Electron

Note that for detailed understanding, don't forget to watch the performance video.

Video :