Introduction: How to Make a Balloon Car

Hello, want to learn how to make something easy, fast and fun??? Here's a project for you! This project teaches you about propulsion and its easy to make!

List of Materials:

1 Role of Duct tape

2 Skewers

1 Paper plate

1 Balloon

5 Straws

1 Sharpie

Some cardboard


Step 1: Cutting Out Wheels

Draw four circles that are perfectly round and all the same size on a piece of cardboard. Then, using a box cutter, scissors or exacto knife, cut out the circles.

Step 2: Attaching the Wheels to the Axle Rod

Using a skewer poke it through the exact center of the cardboard wheels. (make sure for now each skewer only has one wheel).

Step 3: The Spindle

Cut the straw at the bendy part. Then slide it on to the axle. Then attach the 3rd and 4th wheel on each axle.

Step 4: Car Plate

Fold a paper plate into a triangle ILLUMANATI SYLE!!!!!!!! Then tape the wheel and axle to the bottom of the plate.

Step 5: Propulsion Device

Cut the bendy part off of three straws. also cut the nozzle of the balloon. then tape the three straws together and put the straws in the balloon. then tape the balloon around the straws tightly so no air can escape.

Step 6: Finish the Car

Tape the balloon and straws to the center of the top of the plate and fold over the sides again to form a triangle. Then tape the top.

Finally, blow up the balloon using the straws attached to the balloon. Once the balloon is full of air then put it on the ground and let it go. Now you have yourself a balloon car.