Introduction: How to Make a Beautiful Colorful Shirt!

Do you like art? Do you like Color? If you do, this may be the Instructable for you!


One Plain Shirt The brighter the color the better (White is best in my opinion!)

Fabric markers, color of your choosing

a hard surface or foam mannequin

Pins or heavy book or object

creative imagination

washing machine

old rag


Step 1:

First, secure the shirt with pins if it is on a foam mannequin, or a heavy object such as a book. Make sure that the fabric is taught. Also, put a piece of cardboard in side the shirt to keep the colors from staining the other side of the shirt. Do this when turning over the shirt as well. (The cardboard is optional but recommended!)

Step 2:

Take out your markers and start to draw! Use all the colors you can, and make this shirt as colorful as you can! While you draw it is easiest to hold the fabric even tighter in your fingers, like in the picture shown. Also, put a piece of cardboard under the already colored part when flip the shirt, of you do the back side. (This is optional but recommended)

Step 3:

When you are done, wait a day or so for the marker to dry, just to be sure. To be even more sure about the colors, don't wash the shirt with anything white or anything that you like. Get an old ratty piece of clothing or towel to see if the color comes off the shirt. If it does, you might not have used the best markers, and the designs might be coming off, or the color is just very strong, and if that is the case just be careful washing it from now on. Try using cold water if you want to be extra careful. If no color comes off, you can wash it with the other clothing in the washing machine, or you can do it on it's own just to be sure!

Step 4:

Thanks for doing my Instructable! A tip for the future, you can do this with pants, overalls, socks, shoes, and even headbands!

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