Introduction: How to Make a Blitz Shield Prop

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I love rainbow six siege! When I found this contest I instantly decided to build a blitz shield.

The blitz shield is a shield in the game rainbow six siege that in the click of a button it can flash people.


3/4" X 4" X 4" plywood *depends on your body size

1/2" X 4" X 4" plywood *depends on your body size

Liquid nails


Clear acrylic thickness 1/4"

Clear acrylic thickness 1/8"

LED light strips white cuttable

battery box depends on the LEDs you got

Spray paint colors that match the shield (suggestions -> rust oleum camo green and any silver spray paint)

Access to a 3D printer

Paints of choice for weathering

Step 1: Starting Off

I went to look for some reference images and things that might help me. I found in-game pictures and pictures with accurate sizes. With these helpful photos, we can move forward.

Step 2: Making Files

I started by loading up illustrator and tracing the outline of one of the reference images(the one with the measurements). After I needed to scale it properly so I went to Ubisoft's website where the person who uses the shield data can be found. I got the dimensions of the shield and the height of the person who uses it. With this, I created a ratio to accurately scale it to my size. I created the ratio by dividing the height of the person by the height of the shield. Then I used the ratio to scale it to my size 4' 11". The shield is roughly 3 feet tall now. Now that I have the files for the shield, we are able to proceed to laser cut it in cardboard to make sure it's a good size. Now it can be CNCed.

Step 3: FILES for Laser, 3D, CNC + Diagrams

Attached are the files I used to make my designs.

-The diagram is an AI file.

-The STL file (Allen 3d) are all the parts for 3d printing.

-Allen epic is also an AI file that can be used for CNC.

-Allen lazer is a file that can be used for laser cutting, it's an AI file.

Step 4: Making Files Pt2

I now designed the parts that will be 3d printed and glued to the shield. This process was time-consuming and had a lot of consideration. I used the in-game reference to make it look proper and the reference images with measurements to make sure it's the proper scale. These parts can be 3d printed. The files are provided in the previous step.

Step 5: Machining, 3d Printing, and Laser Cutting

This part was pretty easy since I just had to send stuff to 3d print, CNC or laser cut. I can't provide many details for this step as it has a lot of variation for different machines. There's a lot of parts so keep track of what you send to print. The files with the parts are provided.

Step 6: Painting the Parts

I needed to get some color accurate photos so I loaded the game and took some pictures of the shield. Not all parts are shown painted.

Step 7: Wiring and Assembling the Progress

I started to test out a circuit according to my diagram. Then I glued parts to the shield.

Step 8: Wiring and Diagram

I started soldering according to my testing and diagram.

Step 9: Weathering

The shield isn't perfect and I wanted to show that so I looked at the in-game photos and weathered accordingly.

Step 10: Finished Product

Now it's time to admire the shield!

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