Introduction: How to Make a Bootable Usb Drive of Kali Linux

Hey guys, What is Up?

I hope all of are doing well. And I am here wit ha new tutorial. In this tutorial I am going to show you how you can mae a Bootable Usb Flash Drive for Kali linux . You can install Kali Linux with this usb. Or you can run kali from this usb. You can follow this tutorial with any kind of iso. Including windows and any linux distro. There is lot of linux os in the internet right now. But for this tutorial I am going to use Kali Linux. Because personally I like this distro so much. And it is quite a good distro for security testing. Whatever let's setart the tutorial.

Step 1: Things You Will Need to Make a Bootable Usb Drive

1.Computer with internet connection

2.Usb pendrive with minimum 8 gigabytes of storage

Step 2: Download the Kali Linux Iso

There are many versions of Kali Linux. But for this tutorial I am going to use the full 64 bit version . But there are other option like the kali linux lite, with xfce or kde gui and many other options. You can use any distros. But my computer is a 64bit system so I am going to use the 64bit cersion of kali linux.

So first download the iso from the link bellow :

Step 3: Downlaod and Install Power Iso

As we have downloaded the iso file. Then we need to flash this iso in our usb. For this we are going to use a software called power iso. Download the software from the link bellow then install it.

Step 4: Flash the Iso to the Usb

Now as you downloaded all the iso and software that we needed to make a bootable usb drive. Now follow the tutorial bellow.