Introduction: How to Make a Raspberry Pi FM Transmitter and Transmit You Voice Over FM

Hello. How are you every one. In this tutorial I am going to show you how you can a simple FM Transmitter with your Raspberry Pi. I was trying to make a Fm Transmitter with different circuits . But I failed. I made Transmitters but they don't transmit anything. I was not able to find my radio frequency in my receiver. But then I found I can make FM Transmitter with Raspberry Pi. I had a Rapberry pi 2B lying around. So I thought why not make a FM transmitter. Then I started making it. It was really very easy. You just have to download a script from github then you have to install the script in raspberry pi.

Things you will need to make a FM Transmitter with Raspberry Pi:

1.Raspberry Pi 2 or 3

2.Sd card for Raspberry Pi

3.Usb Cable

4.Jumperwire as antina

5.Power adapter for Raspberry Pi

6.Usb Sound Card


Step 1: Setup Raspbian in Raspberry Pi

If you have already raspbian installed in Raspberry Pi. Then you don't need to follow this step. But if you dont have raspbian installed and don't know how to do that then you follow the video below.

Step 2: Install the Script and Setup Everything

If you know how to download files from github and how to install a script then it is quite easy for you. I have attached the complete tutorial bellow.