Introduction: How to Make a Bracelet

by: Anna A.

Step 1:

Decide how many colors you want and then cut the colors into long pieces of string that are the same length

Step 2:

Fold the strings so that they are the same length on the both sides

Step 3:

Tie a knot at the top

Step 4:

Pull one color all the way over to the right

Step 5:

Put into a 4 shape

Step 6:

Lift the other strings up and put your fingers inside the four grabbing on to the string

Step 7:

Pull the string through

Step 8:

Pull the string all the way to the top

Step 9:

Make sure it is tight

Step 10:

It should look like this

Step 11:

Once you get to about this point you switch colors making the next color go all the way to the right

Step 12:

When you get to the point you want put the charm on one string

Step 13:

Pull the charm all the way up

Step 14:

Keep going normally

Step 15:

Measure it to make sure that it is as long as you want it

Step 16:

Pull the rest of the string through the loop

Step 17:

Tie it in a knot

Step 18:

Make many knots till it is about this thick

Step 19:

Cut the extra string off