How to Make a Cap

Introduction: How to Make a Cap

To make this cap will need following material:-

Chart Paper, Colored Paper (Red & Green), Colored Crinkle Paper / Crepe paper (Red), Colored Glitter / Fomic Sheet (Green & Black), Glue, Pencil and Scissors.

Step 1: Basic

Take a piece of chart paper and cut its one side in wavy. Take a strip of Crinkle Paper / Crepe paper (Red) and make some cuts before the end. Now, paste crinkle paper stripe on chart paper.

Step 2: How to Make Strawberry

Take a paper (Red) and draw a strawberry on it and cut out. Now take a paper (green) and draw upper side of strawberry and cut out. Now take stripe of Glitter / Fomic Sheet (Green & Black) and paste it on strawberry.

Step 3: Final Work

Paste this strawberry on the chart paper. Now measure the size of head and roll chart paper and paste.

Thank You.

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