Introduction: How to Make a Car on Tinkercad

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Hi Guys! This is only my second ever Instructable, but I hope this'll win the contest. I've made an Instructable before this, but the manager person of Instructables texted me herself and said that my Instructable was not what it was supposed to be. I knew it wouldn't make it, but what can I say? I'm a rebel! So this Instructable is going to be all about how to make a car driving in a field on Tinkercad. If you don't know what Tinkercad is, search it up and get to creating. So let's start this Instructable!


For this Insructable, You'll need:

To sign up on Tinkercad

A lot of patience to figure out how this stuff works

A brain

A 3D Printer (Only if you want to print this thing out)

Step 1: You'll Kind of Have to Wing It on This One

I know this is horribly unspecific, but you can look at the pictures for help. What you have to do is go to Tinkercad. Log in if you have an account, but if you don't, then create an account. You can do the starter warm ups if you want to and you're new to this. If not, then search up something called the "Balloon Powered Car". Click on it and follow the instructions. Do exactly what it says, but once you are at the part where you place a cone, don't follow along with anything else. It says to do something else, but just place the cone under the mufflers in the picture above instead.

Step 2: Just Follow Along

I know I have never said this, but on this step just follow the rules. We can do whatever we want later, but for now just do the balloon powered car exactly how it wants to. When it says you've completed it, DO NOT PRESS GO BACK TO PROJECTS!!! Instead, as I very nicely said in the past sentence, we'll start on the windshield, seat, and mufflers with fire.

Step 3: Back to Breaking Every Rule of the Design

Now, get a half circle, flip it upside down, make it a hole, stick it where you want your seat, and group it together. For the windshield, just go ahead and make a cube skinny, put it at an angle, and slap it where you want your windshield. ON THIS ONE, DO NOT GROUP IT TO THE CAR. For the mufflers, get a few halfpipes and make them your chosen size. Flip it upside down and do triangular prisms for the flames. It can be any color you want, but I stuck with the classic flame type. If you want to add a little more detail to your seat, create a wedge and make it fit the half circle. Look at my past pictures for any help. Also, don't forget to put your chosen number on the wall of your car if you want more design. To do that, just go to letters and numbers on the settings and choose your number. You're now done with your car!

Step 4: Good Job! You Finished!

You can add a lot of detail wherever you want. I put my car speeding through a field with a gate, a pond full of cattails, and even a sheep eating some grass! If you want to, you can take a completely different approach and make it strolling through a busy city or racing in a nascaar route! All that matters is that you're background matches your personality. Well, that's the end of this Instructable that hopefully wins the contest. See ya guys later! Bro Fist!