Introduction: How to Make the Basic Paper Airplane for Beginners

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Hi guys! It's me again, Hyperstar! If you don't recognize me, it's because this is only my third ever video, but I'm off to a good start considering I started this account yesterday and my first instructable has already been featured, but who cares about that? Anyways, I know I said that I would only post like once every week, but now that I'm into it and have nothing to do during coronavirus, I'm posting daily. So today I will be showing you how to make a basic paper airplane. I'll try to make it as easy to understand as possible, but it might be hard when I'm still trying to figure out which camera angle works best for me. So now, let's begin.



The IQ of a red crayon

Any form of common sense

The classic 8" by 11" sheet of scratch paper

Two Hands

Step 1: Your Everyday Creases

This part is just to help you out, but just like I said in my last paper airplane Instructable, I'd HIGHLY recommend it. Right now just go ahead and do the classic top-of-paper-down-left-of-paper-right folds. And don't forget, ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO CREASE!!!

Step 2: The Corner Folds

On this step, just go ahead and fold the left and right corners on the vertical line. CREASE! That step was pretty easy, right?

Step 3: Do It Again

For this step, grab the sides of the triangle on top, and, once again, fold it to the vertical line. That was almost as easy as the first few steps! When you're done, it should look something like the one in my pic.

Step 4: Just Fold It

On this step, all you have to do is grab one side and fold it over. Do it towards where the back of your paper is outside.

Step 5: The Final Step

Congratulations, you are almost done with the easiest plane in existence! All you have to do now is make the wings. I made mine as big as I could so it could go farther, but if you want to go the more accurate approach, make the wings a little smaller. See ya guys either today or tomorrow! Make sure to crease! Bro Fist!