Introduction: Adventure Time Fan Made Grass Blade, Finn Sword, Night Sword, and Demon Blade Combined

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Hi guys! I know it’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted, but I’m back. For this time, I’ll be showing all Adventure Time fans how to make Finn’s four favorite swords combined. I made it out of LEGO, and, if you don’t want it to break, I’d highly recommend glueing it together. Well, let’s begin!


  • Any white LEGO that you can find
  • Any black LEGO that you can find
  • Misc LEGO like vent LEGO, gold LEGO, etc
  • Welder (Optional)
  • Glue (Optional)
  • Childlike wonder
  • Two Hands

Step 1: The Foundations and Back of the Sword

This part is tricky. Start off with either a long white or black LEGO, depending on what size you want it to be. From there, keep adding on and on until you develop the shape and thickness you want it to be.Since the black represents the night sword, it’s time for the Finn Sword to play it’s part. Get a shiny bumper and a black LEGO that is shown above. But them in the bottom middle-ish of the sword. Now you have a mini you inside of your sword, just like the Finn Sword.

Step 2: The Hilt

This Part is going to represent the Finn Sword, and the Grass Blade. Grab some spiky white LEGO, or just any white one that sticks out, and bind them together with other white LEGO. Underneath it, put a ton of green that curves towards the top cross guard of the sword. I added hooks at the bottom just in case you wanted it to have something else there. Now, to make the cross guard. Get multiple smooth pieces and curve them up and down on the sword. Make sure it spreads far enough, towards where the actual blade won’t be wider than it.

Step 3: The BLADE

Right here, you don’t even have to use LEGO. Whatever material you feel like, stick it on there and weld it on if you want to. I used LEGO because I found out a cool reflective way to do it, but you can do it whatever way you want. If you want the jagged night sword appearance, then make a short and long curve on opposite ends on the back side. The blade mostly represents the Demon Blade, but you can change it into whatever fits you the most.

Step 4: The Finished Sword

Congratulations! You made a mixture of Finn’s favorite swords! You can add some finishing touches if you want to, or even remake my sword in a different way. Well, that concludes this Instructable. Until next time!

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