Introduction: How to Make a Cork Coaster or Trivet

Use household materials to make a functional and good-looking coaster.


8 corks

Duct tape

Hot Glue

Step 1: Collect 8 Corks That Are the Same Size.

(Tip) If you want the final product to be more uniform choose 4 corks that are the same brand. Don't cover these with tape.

Step 2: Roll 4 of the Corks in Duct Tape.

Step 3: Arrange the Taped Corks in a + Pattern and Press Tape Down Over the Center.

Step 4: Once You Have a Shape That Looks Like This Hot Glue the 4 Other Corks As Shown.

Step 5: Now You Have a Functional, Durable and Good-looking Coaster the Doubles As a Trivet.

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