Introduction: How to Make a Crappy Table Saw Into a Good One

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Hi,I Had to make improvements to this saw it was frustrating me to he'll with its crappy fence and Riving knife/guard so its had a makeover with a new fence reworked riving knife,new guard position,pedestal,extraction,and side extension .

Step 1: Fence

I made the fence using 50mm Aluminium angle running in a channel, the fence is out of Oak and faced it with Melamine.

Step 2: Fence Stop

this is a hold down clap from a mitresaw

Step 3: Riving Knife

I cut the riving knife guard holder off and repositioned the guard on an extendible arm

Step 4: Guard Steady

adjustable 5 position guard steady

Step 5: Extending Side Table

I have a small workshop so i had to have as small a footprint for my saw as possible.

Although I have gone trough all the steps you can get a more comprehensive view of my table saw in the video bellow.( If viewing this on mobile phone the link below may not work I have put a link at the start sorry for the confusion.)

please check out my videos on my youtube channel

Step 6: Video

Check out my video