Introduction: Making Bushcraft Knife Handle Liners

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How I made DIY knife liners

Step 1: Cutting A4 Card for Liners

Two A4 will make enough for 4 knife, I cut the cards in half so it would be easier when clamping up

Step 2: Prepping the Wet Out Board

I covered the board in self adhesive vinyl to stop the resin adhering to the board, i had some so I used it but food wrap would be just has good

Step 3: Wetting the Paper With Resin

I used a clear fibreglass resin to laminate the card together in coloured layer ( 4 to a layer ) and separated the layers with thin plastic i used food bags but in insight food wrap would have been better.

when all the layer where down i place a board on top and clamped it down and let it overnight to set

Step 4: Attaching the Liners to the Scales

I used 2 hour epoxy resin to glue the liners to the oak scales and let them set overnight.

for an in-depth look at the process please view video

Step 5: Video

I separated the scale ready for handle assembly.

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