Introduction: How to Make a Cup Holder Using Tinkercad

Do you like to design in Tinkercad? Do you like Minecraft? Well if you do, this Minecraft Steve cup holder is perfect for you. Go ahead and tinker all you want. Search the gallery.

Step 1: Steve's Face

First I started making Steve's face. I made it by using cubes that are different colors and arranged them. It helps if you have a picture of Steve so that you can place the blocks in the right positions. Tip: to make the process go faster, for example, group more than one skin colored block together, then duplicate them and place them in the right fit spots.

Step 2: Making the Cylinder

Then I took a cylinder shape and put Steve's face in the middle of the cylinder. You can adjust the size of the cylinder as needed to make the face fit.

Step 3: Stretch It Up!

Then I stretched the cylinder with Steve's face together in a vertical direction. You can stretch it as large as you want your cup holder to be.

Step 4: Duplicating Steve's Face

Then I duplicated Steve's face four times and stacked all four of them vertically. Then I grouped them. This will be the design on the outside of the cup holder.

Step 5: Duplicate Again

Then I duplicated the grouping of Steve's face four more times. This leaves me with 4 groupings, each like a column.

Step 6: The Minecraft Steve's Head Cup Holder

Then I arranged the four columns evenly around the cylinder for decoration.

And there you go. Now you can go and make your own!

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