Introduction: How to Make a Gears Curving Arm Slider

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this slider can slide in curve and innovative way

Step 1: Metirials for Firs Steps

see my video tutorial:

take 8 brass pipe t connetors 1/2

"complete video here

and many small ball bearings

Step 2: Press Ball Bearings

use the vise to press the ball berings in place

Step 3: Gears Assembly

gears assembly. plexyglass base.

4 big ball bearings.

long stainless steeele screws

opposite movement of the gears.

Step 4: Cut Pipe Connectors Shorter

cut pipe connectors shorter

Step 5: Add Long Pipes

add long pipes

Step 6: Final Result

the slider can slide like a regular slider. or can be used to make a narrow or large curve.

so i can keep the subject in the center or slide around

see video test and tutotorial here:

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