Introduction: How to Make a Custom Shirt Using Bleach

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- Dark colored shirt

-Spray bottle

-Bleach (Be careful)


-Iron & Ironing board

-Freezer paper

-Craft knife (Be careful)

Remember to...

-wear old clothes

-don’t breath in the bleach fumes

-wear gloves, safety glasses and a mask to stop yourself from breathing in the fumes

-empty your spray bottle out afterwards (the bleach will eat through the bottle)

Step 1: Print Your Design

Print your design out on paper, then cut out a chunk of freezer paper that is the same size as your piece of paper.

Tape your two pieces of paper together as shown above, and then cut your design out carefully using a craft knife (Be careful not to cut yourself)

Step 2: Make a Shirt Board

get a large piece of cardboard and cut it as shown above, this is going to go inside the shirt to prevent bleach from leaking through to the other side and ruining your shirt

Step 3: Fill Your Spray Bottle

Get your bleach and fill your bottle 1/2 water and the other half bleach, this makes a dilute mixture, the reason we do this is because if we use plain bleach it will eat through the fabric and leave holes.

Remember to wash the outside of the spray bottle once you have filled it in case it has any excess bleach on it. Also wash your hands just in case you have gotten small amounts of bleach on them

if your young and are doing this instructable, get a parent or adult to fill your spray bottle with bleach, this

Step 4: Get Your Shirt Ready

Put your cardboard shirt board inside the shirt and start ironing the shirt.

After you have done this get your design and place it on the shirt shiny side down, you have all the time you want to position this in any way, so take your time.

Once you have found a good position, grab your iron (on steam) and iron over the freezer paper, the paper will stick to the design and you are ready to do the next step

Step 5: Bleaching the Shirt

once you are ready and have moved outside, you can start spraying your bleach mixture onto the shirt, remember to do small amounts at a time and use a paper towel immediately afterwards to dab up any excess bleach. Repeat this process until you are happy with the shade

Step 6: Wash and Dry Your Shirt

Once you have left your design for 2 minutes outside, put your shirt inside a tub of cold water to stop the reaction with the bleach. While you are washing the shirt, you can peel off the freezer paper and throw it away. Wash your shirt for around 2-5 minutes to make sure all of the bleach is out.

After you have washed your shirt either hang it out to dry, or put it inside of your dryer


After completing all of these steps you are finished and you can wear your new magnificent shirt.

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